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There is no such things as a crew with just one person in it. A "crew" is -NOT- a "game". A crew is about people, without people there is no crew. A true crewis NOT about "the game", its about "the PEOPLE" that play games together. Understand and always remember this, it is VERY important for the crew to SURVIVE and have FUN I did not start a crew to simply ""BE IN CHARGE my members, if that was the cas we would FAIL. If you are a over bearing, self-centered, troublemaking, net-mosquito jerk, you will be removed from crew. However, if you enjoy helping friendly people and treat people fairly 100% of the time, then this is the right crew for you. Deviant is ran by several people that SHARE the Work -AND- SHARE the Authority AND ENJOY helping other people. Too many of your MEMBERS are whinny lazy brats: If we have a lot of immature and lazy members that demand everything from people, but NEVER help back (or help back very little), eventually we will get tired of doing ALL (or almost all) of the work, THEN THE CREW WILL DIE. To avoid this: EVERYone needs to understands that they absolutely must help their crew weekly by giving 10% of their online gaming time BACK to their clan (you can help with: recruitment, ideas for web pages, , run practices and events, help other members, help members on the crew message board, organize nightly games, participate, etc). Also understand that a crew is "not a magical refrigerator" on the internet. The people that help MORE, will get MORE authority (or "say") in the crew.Deviant will be fair and give the "workers" their "EARNED AUTHORITY". I hope EVERYone knows "what is expected OUT of them" and "what to expect FROM the crew", -. Basically, each member will have a "crew job". A NOTE TO THOOSE WHO Immature ego maniacs usually have no idea how much work is involved with running a "SUCCESSFUL" crew, that LAST any amount of time. If any of my members are "BAD", UNFAIR", "LAZY", or "power hungry" memebrs, it will cause the CREW TO DIE.So you will be kicked if I notice anyone being this way. If I somehow let a troublemaker into the crew: We NEVER let a person into your crew JUST because he is a "very good player" . EVERY person has to be "friendly person" or DEVIANT does NOT want them. We DO -NOT- WANT JERKS in our crew. Sometimes, some of the best players and (not all), are the most arrogant self-centered "#$%^s" on the planet, and all they ever do, is think about themselfs, and not about the crew. A troublemaker will go on to KILL our crew, because of their rude UN-compromising behavior, "lack of team work", and nasty attitude. Fun and FRIENDS, are ALWAYS more important then winning. It's better to play by yourself, then be in a crew that is a huge collection of troublemaking morons.SO in Deviant we will not have these types of people. We will try to avoid this: Simply talk to the people before we let them in our clan. They will come to one founders condo for an 'interview' to see what they want out of a crew. We can tell them "what will be expected out of them" and "what to expect from our crew". Its always a lot easier to NOT let a troublemaker in, then it is to kick him/her out. We will give TRY OUTS to new guys, and screen the jerks. Note, not all great players are bad people, some are actually some of the nicest people in the World. If a FIGHT starts, that grows bigger and BIGGER: NO ONE IS PERFECT, therefore EVERYone must COMPROMISE from time to time. If Deviant is to get a long, people have to compromise once and a while. Any time we get a bunch of humans together, there is going to be "DISAGREEMENTS". If even loving "FAMILIES" have fights, you can guarantee that a crew, if it lives long enough and grows, will have a fight. How Deviant will Try avoid this: We will NOT let a fight grow or "EXPLODE" . If a fight starts between 2 people,We suggest that THOSE 2 people (and a founder) go to a condo and discuss it face to face, do not start a flame war on the message board. If the fight is getting REALLY BAD, e suggest to EVERYONE fighting, to """just take a break"" and ""cool off"" for a couple of hours, a couple of days, of if needed 3 weeks. will stop the fighting and SAVE Deviant, remember that. WE will having monthly crew meetings, misunderstandings can usually be avoided. Communication between the Founders, and between the members is very important.We will have having scheduled monthly crew meetings for the crew. It helps prevent misunderstandings, and is also a good time to discuss issues and for Members to offer new ideas too. Also we will reward the crew hard workers and keep them happy and give them "earned authority"as well as yay . It is EVERY MEMBERS' crew, btw, not just the Leaders' crew. Everyone should work a little, the ones that work the most, will have the most authority or "say", but it is ALL the members' crew and everyone should recognize that.